I Am Become – Vinyl


1. Lapse
2. Noble Eyes
3. Mr. Bittertruth
4. Lure
5. Imitation House 03:16
6. Arrogant Self
7. Radio Signals
8. Re-Lapse
9. M.E.
10. The Overture

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I AM BECOME in 12″ 180 gram colored vinyl, printed and packed in full-color recycled cardboard outer jacket and full-color printed inner sleeve with sustainable ink.

Album Credits

Among Authors
Ian Ketterer – Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Pump Organ (The Overture), Trumpet (Noble Eyes, Arrogant Self), Acoustic Guitar (Arrogant Self), Drums (Re-Lapse, Arrogant Self, M.E.)
Jon Livingston – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (Lapse), Backing Vocals (The Overture)
Jason Ketterer – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals (The Overture)

Technical Credits
Ian Ketterer – Production, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering, Programming
Jon Livingston – Production Assistant, Mixing, Engineering Assistant
Jason Ketterer – Production Assistant

Additional Personnel
Among Authors – Rhythm Arrangements (All Songs)
Jake Grotelueschen – Album Artwork
Mark Siyluy – Drums (Imitation House, Radio Signals) Rhythm Arrangements (Imitation House)
James Graham – Drums (Noble Eyes, Mr. Bittertruth, The Overture)
Heather Thomas – Drums (Lure)
Andrew Joslyn – String Arrangements/Performance (The Overture)
Robert Ketterer – Mandolin (The Overture)
Emma Danner – Backing Vocals (M.E.)
Julia Netzel – Backing Vocals (The Overture), Accordion (The Overture)
Tara Geier – Backing Vocals (The Overture)
Cassandra Ketterer – Backing Vocals (The Overture)
Regina Kovnesky – Backing Vocals (The Overture)
Nicollette Wallace – Backing Vocals (The Overture)

Special Thanks To
Mary Brown, Noelle Vallecorsa, Benjamin Netzel, Julia Schramek, Tina Lang, Josie Leahy-Brooks, ZZ Ward, Debbie Guse, Eric, James, Sonny & Kate Flores, Andrew Engel, Lorie Figel, Marc C. Waszkiewicz, Elizibeth Grotelueschen, Andy Swinnerton, Adam Bass, Max & Reneé Engel, Fionnegan Murphy, Damon Anderson, Barbara Brown, Bart Griepentrog, Kathy Leigl Lynch, Tory A Bailey, Karen & Rick Hondlik, Rob Ketterer, Mary-Agnes Casica, Carl Eriksson, Mary Lein, Tara Ketterer, Jake Grotelueschen, Ashley du Charme, Treva Torlone, Amanda Lewis, Robbi, Kate Orlowski, Heidi Soba, Julie, Ann Ellen Conley-Bardall, Ryan Beall, Jimmy Cricket, Vonn Gohr, Fabio Andrés Bonilla Sanabria, Christina Salinas, Todd Beitz, Heidi Smith, Gregory Feucht, Anita Liebl, Laura Boatright, Chris Geier, Michelle, Troy Reeder, Julia Netzel, Mandy Varona, John Carey, Jason Schmitt, Jeremiah Bartsch, Beth Robertson, Alisha Ketterer, Nicki Vorlob, Skyler Heller, Christian Salazar, Charlotte Livingston, Gail Ketterer, Thomas Lamprecht, Mindy Wilson, Justin Friebel, Laura Corbin, Nicholas Alexander, Michelle Fellows, David Carmona, Anton Grobman, The Guse Family


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